2020 Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership Award

The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP) is a partnership among university, public, non-profit, and private sector groups organized over a decade ago to support Minnesota’s adaptation to a changing climate by sharing information, communicating best practices, and building the capacity of practitioners working on different aspects of climate adaptation. The Partnership is the only multi-sector, statewide group working on climate adaptation and is positioned to make an even bigger positive impact going forward.

The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Awards, presented by MCAP, recognize and celebrate exceptional achievements in leadership, education, research, policies, and practices that improve resilience and develop, advance, or implement climate adaptation strategies. The Guardian Biosolar Roof received the 2020 Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership Award in the Business category.

Capitol Region Watershed District Water Quality Capital Improvement Grant

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) is dedicated to protecting, managing and improving the water resources of the District, which includes parts of Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Maplewood, Roseville and Saint Paul, Minnesota. All of the District’s lakes, including Como Lake, Crosby and Little Crosby Lakes, Loeb Lake and Lake McCarrons, eventually flow into the Mississippi River. CRWD works across geographic and political boundaries to protect the health of the District’s wetlands, lakes, streams and river. Through research, planning and action, CRWD helps solve and prevent water-related problems within the 40 square-mile District.

The Guardian Biosolar Roof received a Water Quality Capital Improvement Grant from CRWD for the Biosolar’s green roof. CRWD grant programs provide financial and technical assistance to help build projects that protect local lakes and the Mississippi River. Polluted runoff—stormwater that flows over impervious surfaces and into storm sewers—is a leading cause of water pollution in lakes and rivers, particularly in urban areas. Much of the land in CRWD is already developed and privately owned, so working with residents, schools, churches and businesses that build clean water projects is essential for improving water quality. The Guardian is incredibly thankful to CRWD for its critical support of the Biosolar Roof demonstration project.